Capricornia Medieval Guild


Capricornia Medieval Guild

Capricornia Medieval Guild members recreate historically accurate personas and equipment from Early Medieval Northern European history between 862 AD to 1263 AD. We do this by factual study of the cultures and peoples of these Northern Sea Kingdoms through archaeological finds, period manuscripts, period artworks, and surviving objects from the period. We reproduce the costumes and material culture of these peoples by first proving their existence within our time period by individually authenticating each item proposed, then faithfully reproducing its physical properties and historical use. By building upon each item with more authenticated items a member may then faithfully represent a persona or piece of equipment from a known culture of our time period. From these authentic personas and equipment we then participate in living the lives of these personas at camps, feasts and historical displays.



Historical Reenactment



Researching and making historically accurate clothing.



Living History


Historical Fighting

Armoured fighting for all ability levels. Must be 16yrs or over.


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